Introduction to the characteristics of oil filling machine


In daily life, we all pay more attention to the diversification of food, but no matter what kind of food we eat, cooking oil needs to be used. As for the role of edible oil, it is not only to add color and flavor to dishes, but also an important source of energy and essential fatty acids. At present, the main production and processing method of edible oil is edible oil production line, which is a common equipment for edible oil production enterprises. In the past, many manufacturers mainly used manual processing, but now it is difficult to see. Most of them rely on various large and small oil filling machine production lines. However, there are more edible oil production lines in my country. How does the manufacturer choose? We can look at the equipment design of our Dongying Yongbo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.!

Features of oil filling machine:

1. The main motor and bottle conveying belt adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, which is easy to operate.

2. During the filling process, keep the distance between the valve port and the liquid level. According to the type of bottle and material liquid, the valve nozzle can be designed to enter and exit liquid filling, which can better reduce liquid foaming.

3. The edible oil filling machine automatically monitors whether there is a bottle under each filling valve, and automatically controls the opening of the filling valve to automatically avoid the loss of filling materials due to bottleless filling.

4. Use equipment and materials that meet GMP sanitary standards.

5. The shell of the edible oil filling production line is made of 304 corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which is easy to clean and meets GMP standards.

6. The ultrasonic liquid level control system is adopted to control the liquid level in the cylinder better, so that the filling process is relatively stable and accurate.

7. The automatic detection system of the feed bottle of the oil filling machine: it can detect whether there is a bottle in the conveyor belt, and automatically start or stop (users can choose by themselves).

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