Briefly describe the methods to deal with the faults of the filling machine for detergents


For the mechanized equipment we often use, if the operation method is incorrect or there is no regular maintenance, there will be some problems. If we cannot solve the problem in time, it will delay our production plan, which will affect our delivery schedule. So we need to know some methods for troubleshooting the equipment of the detergent filling machine. Let's take a look at it together.
1. Inaccurate filling volume
When using a detergent filling machine to fill large-size products, the filling tank is not enough, resulting in unstable liquid level. In order to solve this problem, increase the feed amount or close the ball valve above the filling head again, reset the filling time (increase the filling time), and reduce the filling speed.
2. After adjusting the digital dialing code or unit, the time does not change, then turn off the power, and then turn on the power.
3. The liquid level is stable and the filling volume is not accurate.
Impurities block the filling channel, mainly at the entrance of the trough or the filling port. Need to check and clean up.
4. Water drips after closing
1) When the orifice of the feeding nozzle is damaged, the feeding nozzle can be removed for repair. The diameter of the orifice should not be greater than 7.5mm. After repairing the hole, lightly grind the flat surface of the hole on sandpaper.
2) The ball valve in the filling head is damaged and needs to be replaced.
5. After touching the feed switch, the material is not full, and the digital indicator LED of the time relay does not flash.
If the fuel injection switch is damaged or the time relay base is loose, replace the charging switch of the same model or press the time relay base tightly.
6. After touching the feeding switch, the digital LED indicator of the time relay flashes, but no feeding is performed.
We need to check if there is air pressure or if the air pressure is too low. If the air pressure meets the requirements (4-6kg/cm2), the solenoid valve coil may be damaged or the pneumatic valve core may be stuck by dirt. You can unplug the power, open the board, turn or press the button next to the corresponding solenoid valve coil. If the valve can change direction, the solenoid valve coil is damaged. If the valve cannot be reversed and the spool is stuck, the solenoid valve coil can be replaced or disassembled or checked by an electrician or a person with knowledge of pneumatics.
We hope that the several methods for dealing with the faults of the detergent filling machine introduced above can be dealt with in time when you encounter related problems.

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