Introduction to the design principles of automatic filling equipment and summer maintenance items


  Automatic filling equipmentWhat is the design principle of
The automatic filling machine is a kind of processing machinery, and its technological characteristics are relatively distinct. On the basis of analyzing the design requirements, functions and work efficiency provided by users, the automatic filling machine is designed according to these requirements, and the new functions of the automatic filling machine are realized. So what is the design principle of the automatic filling machine?
Design the parameters and filling materials of the automatic filling machine. Second, understand the container to be filled, the shape of the container, and the characteristics of the container lid. According to these characteristics, an automatic filling machine corresponding to the bottle shape is designed.
Secondly, we must understand the working principle and filling method of the filling machine. It is necessary to master the entire filling process in detail, and each link must be designed reasonably and appropriately so as not to affect the filling effect.
Then, according to the specific needs of the enterprise, the design method of changing the functional principle is adopted to design a new type of filling equipment that can not only improve work efficiency, but also realize the production needs of the enterprise, while reducing the damage rate and reducing the enterprise's Cost of production.
Summer maintenance items for automatic filling equipment
Summer is rainy and the air is relatively humid. The filling machine is prone to moisture and rust. So when we finish using the equipment, how do we need to maintain the filling machine? Let me introduce to you.
1. The filling machine should be used in a dry and clean room, and must not be used in places containing acids and other corrosive gases.
2. Regularly check the parts and electrical components, once a week, check whether the bolts, bearings and other movable parts on the lubricating block are flexible and worn. If defects are found, they should be repaired in time.
3. When filling the packaging machine, do not let the oil cup overflow, let alone overflow around the machine and the ground. Because oil easily causes material pollution and affects product quality.
4. After the filling machine is used or stopped, the parts used should be cleaned, and no residual oil or dust should be left.
5. If the machine is shut down for a long time, the whole machine of the automatic quantitative peanut oil filling machine should be wiped clean. The smooth surface of the machine should be coated with anti-rust oil and covered with a cloth shed.
The above is the introduction of precautions on how to maintain automatic filling equipment in summer. Only by doing a good job of maintenance can its work efficiency be better utilized and the filling speed can be improved.

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