Oil filling machine is a good helper


The use of oil filling machines makes us not worry about the quality and hygiene of various edible oils. When cooking all kinds of food, we don't need to worry about the pollution caused by the sanitary problems of edible oil, so that we can better enjoy the current delicacy. The use of automatic edible oil filling machine not only brings us deliciousness, but also makes our life more convenient. How does the automatic edible oil filling machine work, and how efficient production can it bring to the enterprise?
1. Filling start delay function, the filling valve and pump start time is wrong, reducing the impact of the pump, causing material splashing;
2. Automatically detect the weight of the barrel. If the tare weight of the bucket exceeds or falls below the parameters set by the system, it is deemed that there is no bucket. If there are no more barrels or no barrels in the middle, the machine will automatically recognize it, and it will not fill the parts without barrels to reduce waste;
3. The oil filling machine has the function of counting and not clearing memory, the filling part is paused, and then the machine starts to count continuously;
4. Except for one group, no bucket time is given. The filling time of each group is 16 seconds, the 6-head filling machine and frequency converter are 1350 barrels/hour, and the frequency is 25Hz;
5. The touch screen can monitor the filling weight at any time, track and record the whole filling process, and check the previous group of filling weight;
6. The lifting motor adjusts the height of the filling head, and the touch screen adjusts the height. The lifting structure is directly connected to the pump through a 90° coupling, which reduces friction, reduces power consumption and saves electricity;
What we need to pay attention to is that now is an era that emphasizes production efficiency. Fully automatic edible oil filling machines need to develop in the direction of multi-function, automation and intelligence in the development process of automatic oil filling machines to make them more suitable for manufacturing. Business needs. In order to survive the current competition, enable them to achieve greater success in the commodity market, and better meet the needs and needs of the market, so as to carry out the filling production of different oil products, and bring the double quality and hygiene to the production of the enterprise. Guaranteed.

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