Talking about the use of glass water filling machines


The main raw materials of glass water are water, ethanol, ethylene glycol, corrosion inhibitors and various surfactants. It has the functions of wetting, penetrating and solubilizing. It is often used as a car windshield washer fluid. In addition, it can also be used for cleaning and maintenance of glass in homes and public places, and has many uses. During the filling process of glass water, it is recommended to use our glass water filling machine, which is made of corrosion-resistant materials, and the filling is stable. Suitable for filling corrosive materials (alcohol, glycol), disinfectants, pesticides and other chemical liquid products in glass water.

You may ask, there are so many filling equipment manufacturers on the market, why should we choose our products?

The editor below will give you the reason;

1. We belong to the factory direct sales. The accessories and parts of the glass water filling machine are directly processed or purchased. There is no middleman to make the difference.

2. Our equipment is of high quality, and the after-sales service system is perfect. Any filling equipment and other equipment of the company are guaranteed for one year, and there is no charge for replacement of damaged parts during the period. Provide equipment protection and maintenance methods.

3. Our company arranges engineers to provide users with suitable solutions according to user needs, and provide on-site personnel training, as well as paper manuals.

The filling machine belongs to a series of counterpart filling equipment, and there are also widely used lubricating oil filling machines in the same category. The specific equipment details are as follows;

Adopting a novel design of multi-style filling head and sucking back system, the main pneumatic and electrical parts are made of foreign parts, and the filling is accurate without dripping. Ensure that the production site and packaging products are not contaminated by liquid materials.

This glass water filling machine is equipped with a full-color touch screen human-machine interface controlled by a foreign-made PLC computer to ensure easy, fast and accurate adjustment of the volume. It cannot be replaced by other forms of cellar filling machines.

The filling output is controlled flexibly. There are 4, 6, and 8 standard machines. The filling speed is adjustable in the range of 500-2000 bottles per hour. It can be configured according to user needs. In addition, the equipment is suitable for different bottle types. Different filling volume.

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