Detailed explanation of semi-automatic liquor filling machine


The device is based on the principle of constant flow rate, and the metering is set through the flow cylinder in the middle part and two control valves. The equipment is operated semi-automatically, and a skilled worker can complete the bottle loading and bottle loading procedures at the same time. The filling bottle is inserted into the filling head before the filling liquid has flowed out, and the filling process is completed by turning and removing it from the other side after the filling is completed. White wine

Main structure of semi-automatic filling machine equipment:

The equipment is mainly composed of an upper liquid tank, a middle liquid tank and a filling head, an optional platform and a bottom transmission device.

The equipment is simple to operate, small in area, and large in production volume adjustment range, and the equipment has few restrictions on bottle types. Various bottle types can be filled with this equipment, which is more suitable for small and medium-sized liquors, soy sauce, and vinegar. And other manufacturers' applications.

pre-sale service:

1. Design a better manufacturing process for customers

2. According to customers' actual production needs, tailor-made filling machines and other machinery and equipment for customers

3. The company can send technicians to the site to plan and design a better production line scheme for customers on the spot

After-sales service:

1. The company trains production technicians for customers free of charge

2. The company sends technicians to the site to install and debug for customers

3. The company provides vulnerable parts of machinery and equipment all year round

4. Provide perfect after-sales service and timely solve technical problems in the operation of customer equipment

5. All semi-automatic filling machine equipment, if you have any questions, we will respond promptly.

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