Come with me to learn about the linear filling machine


Dongying Yongbo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has been producing for many yearsLinear filling machineWe have been working hard on the production of filling machines, and have been forging ahead on the road of researching and developing new products. The products we produce are sold to different regions of our country, and customer feedback is relatively good.
With the development of technology, the operation of the control system has become easier and easier to use. Practice has proved that the stability of the control system has an important impact on the overall performance of the automatic filling machine. The automatic filling machine adopts PLC control system with stable performance. It has the functions of filling volume adjustment, automatic counting, product parameter adjustment, product detection, etc., which improves the automation level of the automatic filling machine, improves production efficiency, and is convenient for operation and maintenance.
The filling machine is suitable for food, cosmetics, daily chemical products, beverages and other industries, such as detergent, cleansing cream, makeup remover, nail polish, soda, juice, beer, milk, etc. This machine is mainly composed of fluid delivery (ie, feeding system), container delivery (ie, delivery system), filling valve, large turntable, transmission system, body, etc. The filling container moves along a straight line and stops filling in rows. When an empty container is sent to the lower part of the filling pipe, the valve opens to stop filling and the operation stops. Compared with the rotary filling machine, the linear filling machine has a simple structure.
Due to the differences in filling bottles, filling materials and filling processes, the classification of linear filling machines is also different
1. The filling machine adopts a fully automatic piston filling machine, which is suitable for filling all kinds of grease, such as lubricating oil and edible oil.
2. The filling machine is a fully automatic liquid filling machine, which is an ideal filling equipment for daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, ink, paint and other industries.
3. The linear filling machine adopts lifting filling. The filling head can be configured according to production needs. According to the packaging characteristics of the product, the filling materials and filling methods are also different.
4. Filling machines can be divided into automatic filling machines and semi-automatic filling machines. Suitable for medicine, daily chemical, food, pesticide and different industries. It is a liquid filling production equipment.

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