Introduce the problems in the use of the filling production line


During the use of the filling production line, there will be filling problems such as less filling, filling overflow, and bottleneck air exceeding the standard. Affect the filling effect of the filling equipment and the packaging quality of beverage products. Let us understand five common problems in the use of filling equipment:
1. The influence of bottleneck air on filling effect
Filling is an important way for oxygen to penetrate into beverages, and it is also an important link that affects the quality of packaged wine. Since the wine contains CO gas, the sterilizer should be used to stop the sterilization after filling, so the wine in the bottle should not be too full to avoid the temperature drop during the pasteurization process. There is not enough space for carbon monoxide to escape from the bottle.
2. The influence of the filling valve of the filling production line on the filling effect
At present, most of the filling equipment and equipment of beverage manufacturers are mechanical equal pressure filling valves. The sealing ring of the vacuum valve and the pressure reducing valve in the filling valve is worn out, and the sealing ring of the fixing device is damaged, which will destroy the equal pressure filling balance and easily form an abnormal filling level; when the filling valve return pipe is bent, the return pipe When the umbrella reflection ring is damaged, it will affect the normal filling of liquid.
3. The influence of filling pressure of filling equipment on filling effect
Since the saturated CO gas is dissolved in the wine, this CO occurs during the fermentation process and participates in the wine. The solubility of carbon dioxide in wine varies with the temperature and pressure of the wine.
4. The influence of pressure on filling effect
The wine is transported from the sake tank to the filling equipment through the pipeline. A few wineries use back pressure in the sake tanks. Because there is a long pipeline from the sake tank to the wine filling equipment, when the wine reaches the filling equipment, the pressure usually does not fluctuate, and the vibration is relatively large, and the liquid level in the liquid storage tank will also cause great shaking. Therefore, the carbon monoxide in the wine will escape and affect the filling effect.
5. The influence of cylinder pressure on the inflation effect
During the filling process, the pressure of the cylinder cannot be ignored. If the pressure is too low, the wine bottle will not be lifted tightly, resulting in poor sealing, which will easily cause wine leakage and foaming, and improper wine addition; but if the pressure is too high, the wine bottle will cause a lot of vibration when it falls, and it will also easily form wine. overflow.
We hope that the five types of filling production lines we have introduced above can help you pay attention to the use of the equipment during the use of the equipment.

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