Performance characteristics of detergent filling machine


Detergent products are products that we all use in our daily lives. We know that they are washing cosmetics by reading the words. Some detergents also contain disinfection and sterilization ingredients, which can remove harmful microorganisms. Do you know the detergent filling machine? How much do you know about it? The filling machine developed by Dongying Yongbo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has high filling accuracy, no dripping, high degree of automation, and good applicability.
Next, we will specifically explain the performance characteristics of the detergent filling machine:
1. The filling machine adopts piston type metering cylinder for filling, which is suitable for a variety of viscous liquids with high precision;
2. The design adopts the linear grouping method of inlet and outlet bottles to expand the filling function. The equipment can fill multiple containers well;
3. The inflation valve is used to achieve no dripping or drawing during the inflation process;
4. Using PLC control system, frequency conversion speed regulation, high degree of automation;
5. Friendly man-machine interface, operation is completed on the touch screen.
6. It can be used for bottles of different specifications, easy to adjust and complete in a short time.
Detergents are not only our daily needs, but also items that are used extensively in hotels. Detergents have many advantages. With the continuous increase in the amount of detergent, it has also promoted the development of detergent filling machines and manufacturers. The company is a company that produces and develops filling machines, filling equipment and other products. The company has better technical strength and better production equipment. The filling production line of Dongying Yongbo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. can be used for different types of bottles. It has the advantages of accurate quantification, simple operation and low price. It can be used in large, medium and small enterprises. At the same time, the company can design, develop and transform different packaging machinery according to customer needs. The service is mainly tracking service to ensure the interests of customers. Always adhere to the concept of creating value for customers, and win the market with quality, quality and quality as the core services. Yes, if you need it, you can call us, and we will choose suitable mechanical products for you.

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