Follow me to learn about the operation of the car urea filling machine


  Urea filling machine for vehiclesAdopt integrated design. It uses a good high-speed PLC, a relatively high-precision volume flow meter, and a photoelectric color touch screen. Convenient operation and adjustment, real-time display of filling volume, and friendly man-machine interface. Basically can complete the operation on the touch screen. Let's introduce the operation interface to you.
1. The meaning of the main adjustable parameter screen is as follows:
Ascent anti-drip: the time required for the diving mechanism to reset. After filling, pause for a while and keep it loose. This time dripping can be prevented. Diving time: the time required for the diving mechanism to move.
Immersion delay: the time between the end of the hold and the beginning of the immersion. This time you can prevent the bottle from being submerged if the submerging mechanism is not in place.
Interval time: the distance between the last bottle of the filled solid bottle and the empty bottle. When adjusting this parameter, it should be noted that the back door should be closed before the empty bottle reaches the back door position. This time, the work efficiency of the urea filling machine for vehicles can be increased.
Entry and exit delay: the delay required for closing the door after photoelectric counting.
Bottle number adjustment: The number of filling heads needs to be adjusted when the bottle type is changed or in other situations. After replacing the touch screen, you only need to adjust the position of the filling head, the default is 4.
Capping delay: the delay between the actions of the capping mechanism after the capping photoelectric detects that the oil drum is in place. Capping time: refers to the action time of the capping mechanism.
Fixed port delay: When the device has a fixed port function and the fixed port switch is turned on, the fixed port delay takes effect and the port mechanism action delay is set.
Release delay: When the device has a fixed port function and the fixed port switch is turned on, the release delay takes effect and the designated port mechanism reset delay.
Anti-suction time: It works when the vehicle urea filling machine has anti-suction function and the anti-suction switch is turned on. Refers to the action time of the suck back mechanism. On the premise of meeting the work requirements, try to shorten this time and reduce air consumption.
2. Touch screen monitor main screen
Note: The main monitoring screen can intuitively monitor the actions of the PLC controller in real time, and is accompanied by some animations to simulate the actual operation of the equipment.
Display the current filling volume of each filling head when the equipment is running. In the actual filling process, the theoretical value and the actual value can be compared, which is mainly used to determine the stability of the system. Of course, when the irrigation volume needs to be adjusted according to the performance of the system, the actual measurement can also be referred to. The function of the stop button is the same as the emergency stop button on the panel.
Real-time display of the current filling volume of No. 1-4 heads, the shift output count range is greater than 10 million, and the start and stop of the conveyor belt can be cleaned for the operation of the conveyor belt.

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