Introduce the troubleshooting of the semi-automatic filling machine


No matter what kind of mechanized equipment is used, in addition to knowing its correct operation process, we also need to understand the maintenance during its use, as well as the handling methods for some situations. Today we will take everyone to understand a Most filling machine equipment is used, semi-automatic filling machine is used for filling liquid materials, such as cosmetics, daily chemicals, dairy products, viscous liquid food production. However, if there are some problems during the use of the filling machine, if we cannot deal with them in time, it will affect our production schedule. Therefore, we need to understand this knowledge and solve the problem of failure. easier.
1. The difference in material fluidity and density will cause the set data to not meet the requirements and need to be reset. The faster the filling speed, the lower the accuracy and the faster the speed.
2. The filling volume of the semi-automatic filling machine is not accurate: check whether the discharge pipe or the material bin discharge port is blocked by garbage, and it needs to be checked and cleaned in time.
3. Solve the problem of poor sealing and water leakage of the liquid filling machine. This may be caused by insufficient mold adjustment and insufficient pressure, or the sealing time is too short and the sealing is not tight, which will only increase the sealing time.
4. The problem that the liquid filling machine cannot be filled is analyzed for specific problems. Different measurement methods have different support requirements for things. Generally, the stability of the feed pressure, the uniformity of the medium density, and the selection of measurement components Whether it is reasonable, whether the adjustment is reasonable, etc.
The above are the common faults of the semi-automatic filling machine we introduced. Time has passed very quickly, so today’s sharing is over. If you want to know other wonderful information, please continue to pay attention to us.
News Five:
Technological changes have driven the development of oil filling machines
In our country, edible oil is a daily demand that everyone cannot do without. With the increasing requirements of food safety and environmental protection, the mechanized equipment of good oil filling machines has become the production and processing equipment that everyone uses more. Let's take a look at the filling machine equipment.
In the past when technology was backward, the performance of my country's filling machines was relatively single, and the stability was not so good. On the one hand, the technological foundation is relatively weak, and on the other hand, the reason is insufficient investment in scientific research and capital. However, this short-term backwardness cannot affect the overall development level of my country's filling machine equipment. In recent years, the domestic food and pharmaceutical industries have risen rapidly, providing a broad market space for the development of oil filling machines, and further stimulating the improvement and perfection of equipment. Faced with such a large market demand, the domestic filling industry will certainly not miss out on opportunities due to technological disadvantages. Therefore, the filling equipment manufacturers have strengthened the construction of technical strength, which has played a relatively important role in promoting the overall development of my country's filling equipment, and the stability and technicality of the equipment have also been greatly improved.
Today, the development trend of the commodity economy is becoming more and more diversified. Therefore, the filling industry should improve the overall performance of the equipment in terms of quality and efficiency in accordance with the actual needs of the market. At present, the application scope of the filling machine has also expanded from industries such as food to the development of many industries such as daily chemicals and medicine. The future of these industries has considerable room for growth, which can bring a relatively broad development space. This not only brings opportunities for its development, but also puts forward higher requirements for it. Oil filling machines need to seek development amidst changes, and establish industrial advantages by strengthening their technical strength. This will be a goal that the filling industry needs to achieve through continuous efforts and persistence in the future.

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