Selection and characteristics of glass water filling machine


Problems that should be paid attention to when buying a glass water filling machine
The use of glass water filling machine is more important, so what should we pay attention to when purchasing? Let's take a look together:
1. Confirm the specific purpose of the filling machine you purchased, and hope that one filling equipment can pack various models by itself. The filling effect of the corresponding machine is better than that of the compatible machine. Because each type of filling machine has different uses, such as different glass water and lubricating oil, the same equipment cannot be used, which is more important. In addition, the filling range is different, and the price is also different. If the filling range is relatively large, you should try to use the machine to fill separately
2. After determining the use, you should choose a product from a better company in the filling machine industry. Generally speaking, the price of products of well-known companies may be higher than other small companies. As the saying goes, "one price, one product", this is true. Don't do it for cheap.
3. When buying a filling machine, pay attention to important aspects and pay more attention to small details, which often determines the quality of the whole machine.
4. It can improve filling efficiency and reduce labor costs, which is more suitable for the long-term development of enterprises.
5. After-sales service of glass water filling machine is more important. The after-sales service should be timely, and the food processing enterprises should be noted. After all, the quality of a filling machine company with a good reputation is better. Mature technology, making packaging faster and more stable, low energy consumption, low labor, and low waste rate
6. Now is the era of environmental protection, you need to buy an environmentally friendly filling machine
Product features of glass water filling machine
The performance and quality of the filling machine have been greatly improved, which has played an important role in supporting the safe production of enterprises.
1. Electric filling is used, no high-position tank is required, which simplifies the installation process, reduces production costs, and improves filling efficiency.
2. Use better components to achieve the accuracy, stability and durability of the system
3. This machine has high filling accuracy, stable performance, convenient operation and adjustment, and relatively good quality.
4. Using a relatively high-precision flow meter and a high-precision pulse transmitter to collect temperature in real time, compensate for density changes caused by temperature differences, and better achieve the accuracy of filling measurement.
5. When the temperature drops and the density increases, the volume and mass are freely converted to overcome the loss of oil filling.
6. Different designs and suction systems ensure that the site and packaging products are not clean and tidy, and there will be no residual liquid. The two-speed filling volume can be set arbitrarily, and the filling speed is adjustable. It solves the bottle overflow phenomenon during the filling process with relatively fast pump pressure.

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