Introduction of manufacturing process and debugging of automatic filling equipment


Manufacturing process of automatic filling equipment
Filling machines are important equipment that needs to be used in industrial production now. So how much do you know about its manufacturing process, let us take you through the manufacturing process of the filling machine.
1. The equipment adopts photoelectric automatic control system. It is a pure water filling machine, which can realize counting and quantitative filling.
2. The automatic filling machine adopts wireless mobile remote control. There are single-function filling machines and multi-function filling machines.
3. We have fresh beer filling machine, residual liquid recovery device under vacuum hood and vacuum leak recovery device.
4. Installation of the filling machine under the vacuum cover and the adjustable flow control valve of the liquid filling machine.
5. Beverage filling machine, cup machine, filling and sealing machine.
6. The dripping device of the paper cup filling machine, the prefabricated cup cover film conveying device of the filling machine and the new type active filling machine metering device.
In addition to common food, beverage, daily chemical and other industries, it also involves the development of soy, oil, pesticide, chemical and other industries. At present, filling machines mainly include liquid filling machines, paste filling machines, oil filling machines, vacuum filling machines, and sauce filling machines.
Fully automatic filling equipment commissioning
During the use of automatic filling equipment, many failures will inevitably occur. Therefore, we need to carry out debugging work. Let's take a look together below:
1. Loosen the nut of the automatic filling equipment, adjust the screw, and change the position of the lower fixed rod. Therefore, the push-pull length of the syringe is also changed to achieve the purpose of freely adjusting the shunt volume. Adjust the screw clockwise, otherwise the screw will decrease and the pointer will indicate.
2. After adjustment, screw on the nut to make the lower fixing rod and the crank firmly fixed.
3. Loosen the nut and determine the correct position of the upper fixing rod according to the push-pull length of the syringe. After adjusting the lower fixed rod, turn the crank to turn the syringe to the top dead center, and then lift the outer sleeve of the syringe about 2mm to prevent the needle tube from bursting. After tightening the nut, the machine can be started.
4. After the automatic filling equipment is assembled correctly, turn on the switch. When the machine is working, the crank drives the syringe to pull up and down, adjust the speed knob, and select the appropriate unloading speed, then it can work normally. Adjust the governor knob to increase the packing speed clockwise, otherwise the speed will slow down.

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